Dura-Whelp Box Large (48x48x20)

The Dura-Whelp Whelping Box is easy to use, the door slides up and out. The box is lightweight and can be easily moved. The puppy rails offer added safety, so you can sleep at night. The Dura-Whelp Box stores in its shipping carton for convenient storage. The Dura-Whelp Box can be cleaned with Bleach, Quatricide, or other detergents or disinfectants. We understand that the construction of Corrugated Plastic resembles Corrugated Cardboard, however, Corrugated Plastic is NOT CARDBOARD. The Dura-Whelp Box is made of top quality, extruded, 100% polypropylene plastic. This plastic makes the Dura-Whelp lightweight, strong, flexible, UPS shippable and easy to clean. When it comes to performance (and cost), there is very little resemblance between Corrugated Plastic and Corrugated Cardboard.
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    I have had my previous Durawhelp for 15 years and love it. I still have the old one and just wanted a second box.

    This is a great inexpensive box. I don't know how it would hold up to a big litter of labs but for small dogs, it's great.

    I purchased my first Durawhelp, in 1992. It was sold under a different name back then, but the same great product. It lasted well over 20 years and withstood close to 30 litters. The only reason I am getting a new one is because the old model had woodin pig rails which are now showing wear. I would highly recommend this box to anyone wanting to get a quality whelping box.
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