Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen Extra Large (60x48x23)

The Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen is made of the same durable plastic as the Dura-Whelp Whelping Box. The Pen consists of 4 walls and a floor, it does not include any rails, or a door. The Pen is easy to Use, Easy to Clean, and Easy to Store. The Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen is light weight, and strong. It sets up in seconds and attaches to the door area of your Dura-Whelp Whelping Box. Puppies are able to exit the Whelping Box and enter the Weaning Pen area to play, eat, and poop. This arrangement closely approximates the natural PUPPY DEN. The Weaning Pen offers your puppies their birthing area to sleep in, a porthole area, and a new safe area to explore. Your Puppies will naturally develop better strength, health, and potty skills.
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