The Deluxe Therma-Whelp Puppy Warming System Large

The 'Large' warming system comes with the larger cradle (27"x15"). Recommended for use in larger whelping boxes and breeds.
HOW IT WORKS: The heat lamp is positioned above the Warming Cradle. Heat is emitted by the Lamp and directed toward the Cradle. The Cradle absorbs, distributes and emits heat across its surface. Puppies on the Cradle absorb heat from the Lamp, Cradle, and surrounding air.
EFFECTIVE: The Therma-Whelp System warms your puppies from the top and bottom, bathing them in warmth. Longwave length infrared emissions provide maximum heat penetration. Puppy body temperature responds more quickly than with lamps, pads, or nests.
EASY: The Therma-Whelp System is quickly and easy to setup and to adjust. The rustproof Therma-Whelp Cradle is easily washed in your sink. The On-Cradle Therma-Whelp Thermometer makes it easy to check the temperature. No special (raised floor) whelping box required.
SAFE: The Warming Cradle eliminates hot and cold spots, providing a more consistent and predictable temperature. Puppies don't come in contact with any electrical units. All electrical cords and units are kept outside the Whelping Box. The temperature is controlled by lamp height and position as well as room temperature, not a rheostat.. This eliminates many possible dangerous malfunctions. Temperature is monitored at a glance, with the On-Cradle Thermometer. The Therma-Whelp System emits NO LIGHT, protecting young eyes and allowing deeper sleep periods for both puppies and the bitch.
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