BreederBase Whelping Kit

The most comprehensive whelping kit available. Includes everything you will need, and should have, as well as what you'll want when delivery time comes. The kit includes: 4 1/2" Scissors, 10 pack Iodine Swabs, 10 pack Alcohol Swabs, Kelly Forceps, Surgical Gloves, (5grams) Lubricating Jelly, (2, 3/4oz. powder)Esbilac Puppy Formula , 2oz. & 4oz. Nursing Bottles, Digital Thermometer, 1 oz. Liquid Puppy Vitamins, Litter Marking Cords (10 pack of assorted colors), Unwaxed Dental Floss, 1/2oz. Bene-Bac, 10 pack Pedigree Forms, 10 pack Puppy Information Sheets, 1oz. Nutri-Drops, 2.5oz. Bulb Syringe, Product Instruction Sheet, **Contents subject to change**
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