"Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog."
-Franklin P. Jones 

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DWBX -  Dura-Whelp Box Extra Large (60x48x23)
DWBL -  Dura-Whelp Box Large (48x48x20)
DWBM -  Dura-Whelp Box Medium (40x40x20)
DWBS -  Dura-Whelp Box Small (34x34x15)
DWPX -  Dura-Whelp Pad Extra Large (60"x48")
DWPL -  Dura-Whelp Pad Large (48"x 48")
DWPM -  Dura-Whelp Pad Medium (40"x40")
DWPS -  Dura-Whelp Pad Small (34"x34")
TWSLD -  The Deluxe Therma-Whelp Puppy Warming System Large
TWSSD -  The Deluxe Therma-Whelp Puppy Warming System Small
TWE -  Therma-Whelp 250W Heat Emitter
TWSX -  Therma-Whelp Extention Arm
TWSL -  Therma-Whelp Puppy Warming System Large
TWSS -  Therma-Whelp Puppy Warming System Small
WK - BreederBase Whelping Kit
PLX - Disposable Pad Liner Extra Large
PLL - Disposable Pad Liner Large
PLM - Disposable Pad Liner Medium
PLS - Disposable Pad Liner Small
DWBCB - Dura-Whelp Corner Braces
DWWPX - Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen Extra Large (60x48x23)
DWWPL - Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen Large (48x48x20)
DWWPM - Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen Medium (40x40x20)
DWWPS - Dura-Whelp Weaning Pen Small (34x34x15)
DWBXHD - Half Door for  XL Dura-Whelp box
DWBLHD - Half Door for Large Dura-Whelp Box
DWBMHD - Half Door for the Medium Dura-Whelp box
DWBSHD - Half Door for the Small Dura-Whelp box
DWBXDNF - New Extra Large Door & Frame
DWBLDNF - New Large Door & Frame
DWBMDNF - New Medium Door & Frame
DWBSDNF - New Small Door & Frame
SDD - Special Delivery DVD
AW - The AQ-Whelp Basic Scale
AWD - The AQ-Whelp Digital Scale
WD11 - Weaning Dish (11" Diameter)
WD15 - Weaning Dish (15" diameter)
WF5 - Weaning Formula-5 Lbs.